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Russell Heath

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  • Years in Practice: 5
  • School: Accomplishment Coaching
  • Year Graduated: 2013
  • Other Certifications: Landmark Introduction Leader

I hitchhiked to Alaska in my teens and lived in a cabin on the banks of the Tanana River; in my twenties, I lived in Italy and then traveled overland across the Sahara, through the jungles and over the savannas of Africa and into southern Asia; in my thirties, I sailed alone around the world in a 25 foot wooden boat; in my forties, I wrote novels; and in my fifties I bicycled the spine of the Rockies from Alaska to Mexico. I’ve worked on the Alaska Pipeline, as an environmental lobbyist in the Alaska Legislature, and have run a storied environmental organization fighting to protect Alaska’s coastal rainforests. Several years ago, I moved to New York City to dig deep into leadership development and coaching. I now coach business and non-profit leaders intent on making big things happen in the world and in their own lives. I offer my clients a formal rigor, a varied experience of the world, a willingness to step out of bounds, and -- irreverence.


People come to me because they are stuck in their lives or because they are in or want to move into leadership positions. But regardless of why they hired me, our work together almost always becomes focused on the foundational skills required to live a powerful and joyful life:  authenticity (becoming real and straight in our relations with ourselves and others), the expansion and management of our emotional lives (or emotional IQ); powerful communications (communication for results and intimacy-- not for control); taking full responsibility for our lives (kicking our well-developed sense of victimhood); and playing to win (instead of playing to avoid fear, humiliation, failure, guilt and the like).

Mastering these five areas will vastly increase your ability to accomplish whatever it is you would like to achieve in your life, whether it is becoming the CEO of your firm, re-invigorating your marriage, achieving financial success, or becoming a hip grandparent. These areas then, have become my specialties.

  • Leadership
  • Making big things happen in your life
  • Breaking free
  • Authenticity
  • Powerful communication
  • Creating a rich emotional life
Age Groups:
  • Adults


My Approach:

I practice ontological coaching. Ontology is the study and practice of being. Or, from an everyday point of view, it is developing our ability to purposefully choose who we are regardless of the circumstances. You do this when you count to ten before responding to an irritating colleague (or spouse, child, or your tech support staff) so that you come from a more considered place instead of (in this example) anger or upset. Ontological coaching develops in you the ability to always come from a considered place so that you are able to produce the results you want in your life. No longer are you driven by your “default” behaviors; instead, you have the power to choose who you wish to be.

This capacity enables you to accomplish your goals, to deepen your relationships, and to live a rich and rewarding and rewarding life.

Development Techniques:
  • Ontological coaching
  • Powerful communications
  • Authenticity
  • Emotional IQ
  • Leadership development
  • Individuals
  • Couples


Avg. Cost (per session):


Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Paypal, Credit Card.


Virtual appointemnts available. Please call for details.

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