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The Happy Goddess®

Sandra J. Filer, MBA, Licensed Life & Business Coach


Meet The Happy Goddess®

The Happy Goddess® can help you live a more fulfilling life.

Welcome. At The Happy Goddess®, we create the space for you to feel connected, empowered, and loved. It is our goal to provide you with the practical tools, necessary nudges, and helpful resources that will support you in living an abundant, magical life, filled with possibility and purpose. What is it that you really want? Know that you can have it. We are here to support your dream. And if you are looking for grounded wisdom, you’ve found it!

Meet the Founder, Sandra J. Filer

Sandra, a.k.a. Happie G, is the East Coast Heal Your Life® Teacher & Coach Trainer and owner of The Happy Goddess®. She has a Master’s Degree in Business and 20+ years of experience in Corporate America with a good number of those years spent in Training & Development. She has had a Mary Kay business for 18 years with 6 years as a Sales Director. Sandra received her Heal Your Life® Teacher certification in 2006, Life Coach certification in 2009, and East Coast Teacher & Coach Trainer certifications in October  2016 and 2017, respectively.

By taking leaps of faith, experiencing a whole lot of life, and learning the art of self-love, Sandra has found her passion and eagerly shares it. She has been described as energetic, vibrant, sassy, of integrity, sincere, authentic, playful, fun, bouncy, intelligent, and safe. To sum it up, Sandra has a zest for life and a quest to share love on this planet and help heal our wonderful world.


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Price is dependent on the program or service you are interested in. Check out The Happy Goddess® website for detailed descriptions and pricing.

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Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by insurance. However, clients have successfully negotiated with their employer to pay for coaching as part of employee continuing education / leadership training.


Helping people learn to practice radical self-care, experience the magic of life and apply a playful approach to shaping the future of their dreams. The Happy Goddess® offers the East Coast Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Coach Certification programs plus a variety of customized group and one-on-one coaching sessions, retreats, workshops and on-line programs. Visit our shop for more details on what we offer.

Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Certification Program

Equips you with everything you need to successfully facilitate a variety of transformational workshops utilizing the methods of Louise Hay.

Heal Your Life® Advanced Coach Certification Program

Open to licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leaders that want to expand their practice into working one-on-one with their clients.

Life Coaching

At the beach or over the phone, Life Coaching can help you find your truth, navigate relationships, achieve goals, understand your role with money, and it ultimately supports a well-balanced life.

Magical Goddess Retreats

Filled with heart-felt connection, creative expression, intuitive insights, sacred ritual, relaxation, sailing, beach front units, and delicious food prepared with love.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® Workshops

An opportunity to be gently guided through a variety of exercises that will allow you to discover your inner power.

Radical Self-Care Workshops

Create the space to explore those worn out myths that you are anything less than glorious! Radical self-care is much more than a mani pedi. It’s a lifestyle.

Radical Self-Care Adventure Series

A thirty-three day email series designed to improve the quality of your life by engaging in daily doses of radical self-care. Side effects may include feeling rested, grounded, and experiencing happiness.

Soul Sessions: Collage & Cards

Your soul knows the truth. Individualized opportunities to explore your creativity and intuition.

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