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Deborah Guy
Personalized Life Coaching

Life Coaching–when you're ready to live the life your soul intended.
As your coach I will help you to clarify your direction, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, maximize your environment and master your psychology. For over 20 years, I've been helping professionals just like you get clear, bust fear and move forward through any challenge.

Does not accept insurance.

New York City & Washington D.C. Call for More Information.

- New York -

Specializing in Life Coaching, Marriage Counseling, and Corporate Training.
What if living a healthy, happy, satisfying life free of anxiety, insecurity, anger, resentment, self-doubt, and fear were truly possible? I offer a simple yet powerful approach to resolving problems by shifting perspectives from a stuck, fearful, angry, and limited state to an "out-of- the-box" perspective, in which you will find the answers you need to resolve any situation and move on.

Out of Network. Call for details.

The First Therapy Session: Knowing What to Expect

If you’ve never met with a therapist before, you might feel quite in the dark as to what the first appointment would be like. Will it be like meeting with a medical doctor? If not, what’s the etiquette? And when it comes to discussing your issues, where are you supposed…

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Louisa Mastromarino, M.S. Ed, C.H.
Life Coach / Holistic Consultant / Clinical Hypnotherapist

Specializing in Life Coaching, Stress Management and Spirituality. 
I am a Life Counselor and Certified Counselor Educator with over 20 years experience working with clients exploring self-esteem, relationship building, life strategies, academic stress, career development, stress management and natural pain management.

Does not accept insurance.

Telephone Consultations Only. Call for More Information.

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Tejal Kaji, MSW, SPHR
Owner & Lead Coach, TJK Coaching

Specializing in Life Coaching and Virtual Coaching.
My mission is to connect with my clients and guide them in becoming the best versions of themselves through the use of 1:1 coaching, group sessions, specialized programs in eCoaching, and other programs. My goal is to help them to discover their unique strengths, abilities, passions, and values as they navigate through their daily lives.

Currently does not accept insurance.

Virtual sessions available. Please call for details.

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Vanessa N. Weber
New Milford Counseling

Specializing in ADD/ADHD, Families/Parenting, and Life Coaching.
I provide consulting, coaching and counseling to adults, teens, children, families and groups. I enjoy helping people find new ways of solving old problems and am especially interested in non-drug based options to coping with life's challenges.

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Marilyn Rose, BS, CPC, ELI-MP, PCC
Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Christian Coach

Specializing in Life Coaching, Individual, Relationship, and Group Coaching.
We experience change and transitions daily. Some we choose, and some are outside of our control. Change is situational, but transition is the process between the change and beginning. Today is the day to love your life and more importantly, love yourself like never before! Contact me today to schedule your complimentary session.

Myth: Therapy is Just Expensive Advice

It’s easy to assume that therapy is essentially advice. After all, when we try to help out friends or family members, we usually tell them what we think they should do. Dr. Phil and other “TV” or “radio psychologists” also reinforce this view: they…

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Russell Heath
Russell Heath Coaching

I specialize in working with people who want to live exciting and deeply lived lives.
Work with me to find your purpose, your mission, your path. Together we will break up that part of you that keeps you safe, comfortable, secure, and on the sidelines...living small and being bored silly.

Currently does not accept insurance.

Virtual appointments available. Please call for details.

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Beej Christie Karpen
Insight Out – Coaching for Life

Life Coach Specializing in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Problem Drinking, Stress Eating, Difficult Emotions, Habit Change
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life? (Mary Oliver)

I believe in the innate wisdom of each individual, and bring compassionate curiosity to my coaching practice. I also find humor to be a key ingredient for change!

I am an Out of Network provider.

Phone, Skype, In-Person.
Located on the Upper West Side.

- North Jersey -

Julie Han
Career, Transition, and Executive Coach

Specializing in Career and Life Coaching. 
Are you dealing with a challenge that feels insurmountable, experiencing a difficult transition or seeking a change in your career? I offer expert career, transition, life, and executive coaching to local clients in Short Hills, Maplewood, Morristown and beyond in my office in Summit, NJ or clients worldwide by phone or video.

Currently does not accept insurance.

382 Springfield Avenue, Suite 217, Summit, NJ 07901