- Costa Mesa -

Specializing in Life Coaching
In over twenty years of coaching, I have partnered with people to win in many areas, such as: weight loss, athletic success, career change, better self-care, and love relationships. I have seen people discover creative gifts and talents, pursue dreams, and achieve a higher sense of self-identity.

Coach Heather does not accept insurance at this time.

- Encino -

Dr. Rod Pezeshki
Author, M.D, Motivational Life Coach, Reiki Master/Spiritual Healer

I specialize in transformation within the shortest period of time.
My goal is total healing of the mind, body, and spirit. My intention is to create abundance, health, success, and inner peace for every individual who cross my path. I guide people back to themselves and bring the best out of them through the energy of love. Be ready to end your depression forever and start a new life of expression.

Currently does not accept insurance.