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Linzi Levinson, M.A., C.R.S., D.A.P.A.

Coach/Mediator/Business Strategist/CEO and Founder Quality For Life Coaching

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  • Years in Practice:  Corporate Executive/Strategy/Psychology – 15 + Years
  • Holistic Studies; Specialization - Transpersonal – 10+ Years
  • School: John F. Kennedy University
  • Year Graduated: 2007
  • Pepperdine University School of Law
    • Certified in conflict resolution mediation through the Straus Dispute Resolution
  • Walden University – Ph.D. (Doctoral Candidate) Organizational Psychology to .5 complete at 4.0

Globally Syndicated Media Awards and Honors:

  • Chosen - iHeart Radio’s RELATIONSHIP COACH – NY’s#1 AM Talk Radio WOR710; – 2013 - current
  • Globally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host and Evangelist - 2013 (Three stations)
    • Illuminating Now! Linzi’s Life Secrets.
    • Linzi’s Life Radio
    • Straight UP Sex Talk


  • Chosen in 2018 to be 24 Hour Fitness – Super Sport Gym’s EXCLUSIVE Life – Relationship – Executive – Sexuality - Health Coach (in Silicon Valley’s prestigious Hacienda Business Park)!
  • Chosen as Ambassador of REALIFEX – Product Suite – 2017–2018
    • Apple’s choice!   Realifex is being displayed in Apple showrooms globally, and very popular on Apple watches.  Realifex can be hosted on any and all technology
  • Chosen as YELP’s “Life Coaching in East Bay – All 5-Star Review” – 2016 – current
  • Chosen as Women of Distinction Magazine's; “THE WOMAN” of Distinction –9-page spread – 2016
  • Diplomate - D.A.P.A. American Psychotherapy Association – 2015 – current
  • City of Dublin, California – #1 Life Coach – 2014
  • Covington Who’s Who Lifetime Award for Contribution – 2011


  • Certificate: American Psychotherapy Association (APA) / CRS14639 
  • Certificate: Franchise Business Coach and Consultant, Broker 
  • Certified Relationship Specialist (C.R.S.) – American Psychotherapy Association 
  • Certified Diplomate - American Psychotherapy Association
  • Certified Conflict Resolution/Mediation – Pepperdine School of Law
  • Certified Legal Advocate
  • Certified Business Consultant


I am a Life Coach specifically focusing on coaching in areas such as relationships, life-stressors, conflict resolution, intimacy challenges, pre/post-divorce conflicts and future life-goal planning with customized action plans. I also have a specialty and particular focus on heterosexuality and sexual identity in all aspects and LGBTQ-POLY issues.

My previous career was as an Executive Business Strategist in the corporate world; this career change was chosen purposefully due to my belief that each of us deserve to a live pain-free life and reach our highest potential. I am now able to help individuals, families, relationships, and work deeply within neuropsychology due to my extreme passion for the brain (subconscious/conscious). I am now empowered to blend the emotions and life-issues that individuals are processing each day (psychologically), with my strategic business mind.

Weaving the wellness component of the human with my capabilities in strategic business planning (seeing profitability opportunities that others do not see) now allows me to “exponentially pump up the volume” on how to achieve happy people in and out of the corporate work place!


  • Subliminal behavior
  • Identification of subconscious reason for client’s pain 
  • Can design expeditious resolution to a pain free life

Specialization in ALL relational communications

  • Lengthy sessions
  • High-conflict situations
  • Complex thinking
  • LGBTQ-POLY / Heterosexual / Unique sexuality
  • Bi-Polar
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Corporate dynamics
  • Individual motivation
  • Healthy family dynamics
  • Team building
  • Integrative health
  • Sexuality
    • Questioning
    • “Coming out”
    • Non-binary discrimination
    • Gender dysphoria
    • A-Sexuality
    • Individual sexuality
    • Heterosexuality
    • Relational communication
    • Intimacy challenges     


  • Life
  • Relationship
  • Executive
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Integrative Health Coach
  • Sexuality Specialization

Chosen in 2018 to be 24 Hour Fitness – Super Sport Gym’s Exclusive Life – Relationships – Executive – Sexuality - Health Coach (Silicon Valley’s prestigious Hacienda Business Park.)

This prestigious Silicon Valley gym (Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton, California) -  serving 90,000 members per month, has chosen Linzi Levinson as their exclusive Coach to provide her expertise to their 90,000 members in the areas of relationships, divorce, business strategy, sexuality and health.

D.A.P.A. (Awarded highest level of achievement in the field)

DIPLOMATE is Awarded for Integrity, Innovation Contribution, and Dedication, by the American Psychotherapy Association

Comprehensive Coaching: I focus on relationships; we work in depth on any or all relationships with others; we also work profoundly and reflectively with the SELF. As a Mental Health Professional, I bring a broad scope of experience and offer expertise in multiple specializations.

Executive Coaching: I offer a specialization in Organizational Psychology. I have authored a Proprietary Executive Business Plan combining psychological motivation (the human-wellness-factor) with profitability (company security regarding sustainability and growth).

Sexuality Coaching: I have limitless passion (and compassion) on the ever-changing plight that each individual must face regarding sexuality. LGBTQ-POLY has been a longtime specialization. I have expertise and creative options, but mostly, I have an open mind. The issues that the LGBTQ-POLY population face can often feel insurmountable. Frankly, the sexuality and intimacy issues that heterosexuals face can be far more challenging than we realize. I “get” this. I keep it real. I remain open.  I carry no judgment. NO situation can be duplicated, so I am open to each new story and what there is to learn. Come share with me, and let’s get through “the impossible” together. Together, anything can become POSSIBLE!

See Treatment Orientation: ROI Increase with Retention/Succession Planning @ ZERO COST

  • Proprietary Psychological Architecture™ designed to increase profitability without expenditure.  

I’d like to share why I’m so excited to be AMBASSADOR of REALIFEX TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT SUITE™

APPLE issue:

Apple’s choice!   Realifex is being displayed in Apple showrooms globally, and very popular on Apple watches.  Realifex can be hosted on any and all technology.

This is the most revolutionary and hottest new technology dedicated to tracking the minute-by-minute emotions, discoveries, actions, feelings, by anyone and everyone that I work with, and certainly by any coach or individual who is interested. APPLE has gone crazy for this product and is showcasing it; it is available on Apple watches, but all devices can host this award-winning technology.

I can work with my clients individually. I can work with parents, and schools, and any client who is a manager. I can work with C-suite Executives to set their employees up as a company wellness project. We can study and graph the wellness of any individual daily, weekly, monthly. This is something that is very unique and provides enormous value.

  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Career Counseling
  • Child or Adolescent
  • Coping Skills
  • Dating Coach
  • Depression
  • Divorce Coach - Child /Family
  • Executive Coaching
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief
  • Identity
  • Intimacy
  • Integrative Health
  • Life Coaching
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Parenting
  • Peer Relationships
  • Relationships (ALL KINDS!)
  • Sexuality (Even newly claimed identity / Terminology with sexuality)
  • Spirituality
  • Transgender
  • Transitions (Life Transitions of ANY kind!)
Age Groups:
  • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
  • Adults
  • Younger Children “upon request” (case by case)


iHeart Radio’s - Relationship Coach; standing Coach on
Globally Syndicated Radio Host (multiple stations)

Listen to snippets of my coaching tips from my iHeart Radio Shows here:

Social Media / Professional Links:

2018 to be 24 Hour Fitness – “Super Sport” Gym’s exclusive Life – Relationship – Executive – Sexuality - Health Coach (Silicon Valley’s prestigious Hacienda Business Park)


My Approach:

It is my belief that what keeps us from asking for guidance, someone to truly help us through our vulnerability, is the fear of being judged. Maybe we believe we are beyond help. Let me commit to you a safe, comfortable, and cozy space where compassion and non-judgment are guaranteed; we will launch an interactive relationship. If you are attempting to master the solution for “grid-lock” on your own, why? Two brains are exponentially more valuable, creative, and productive than one brain and one inner-critic (that happens to belong to that same brain)!

In a collaborative style, we will stimulate thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We will discuss your hopes and dreams, and you will quickly learn that there will be nothing that you can share with me, that will be “dark” enough to make me flinch. The thing is, we all have skeletons; we often just need a witness to offer the insight that it may be time to forgive ourselves.

I do not take notes while I watch you talk. I coach uniquely.  Life is 24x7, and I intend to be very present with regard to your life and your story. I am "in it" with you. I am truly going to journey by your side. I want to know you, and I commit that by the end of session #1, you will feel different. You will actually feel change. You will recognize how distinctive this coaching methodology is; remarkably, this encouraging design will unexpectedly offer sincere comfort and safety.

If you have somewhere in this life you want to go, it is obtainable. If you feel certain the obstacle is too challenging…there is an angle you have overlooked. If you are one of the few who would like to be reaching for your potential every day…LET’S DO THIS.

It is actually a blast…when it works. There is no virtue in doing it alone. There is no shame in reaching for your potential alone either; doing it alone can often allow the inner critic to become the loudest voice at a party that was originally supposed to be fun!

No matter how impossible it seems to shift the painful state you are in, it is possible. It is accessible sooner than you realize. Let me help you access the freedom you deserve. Let me help you unlock the freedom to truly be YOU!

Treatment Orientation:
  • Coaching
  • Experiential
  • Family Systems
  • Humanistic
  • Mindfulness-Based 
  • CBT
  • Relational
  • Creative
  • Real-Time
  • Proprietary Psychological Architectures™ 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Mediation
  • Psychological Forensics
  • Integrative Health Forensics
  • Pre-Present-Post Divorce Strategies
  • Executive Coaching Strategies
  • Start-Up Business Strategies
  • Organizational Psychology Strategies
  • ROI Increase with Retention/Succession Planning @ ZERO COST
    • Proprietary Psychological-Architecture designed to increase profitability without expenditure
    • Simultaneously it increases the employee retention and allows for predictability of growth
    • This profit, growth, and visionary succession planning allows for stabilization and increased productivity and growth rate
    • C-Suite Execs/All Management/Start-Up Staff/Board of Directors/HR can gain immediately from my Organizational Psychological-Architecture
    • Exclusively designed utilizing (Quant./Qual./Mixed Methods) Research completed during tenure as Doctoral Candidate: COMP. EXEC. STRAT


Avg. Cost (per hour):

$120–$200 Per Hour

  • Pricing discussed on initial call
  • Standard Sessions are two - hours
  • “Sliding-Scale” slots are accommodated based on client-need and availability within the practice.
Accepted Payment Methods:


  • Cash payment is required for the first session.
Insurance Networks:

NO insurance is accepted. “Quality For Life Coaching” is an out of Network Practice. This is designed very intentionally for the purpose of accommodating privacy.  There is a proprietary nature in this work.  This coaching methodology is very unique and will not be found elsewhere.  Allowing an insurance company to have access to the work we do is counter-intuitive to protecting your privacy and allowing you to be free to do the work you want to do.



11501 Dublin Blvd, #200, Dublin, CA 94568

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